How to Describe Remote Work On a Resume for Remote Jobs

Another option for a completely remote position is to forgo, including the employer’s city and state for the location. Instead, you’d list “remote” or “telecommute,” showing that you weren’t heading into a physical workplace while handling those duties. Luckily, it’s easy to position your remote work experience properly.

  • If you are applying for a remote position or if you have gained significant experience working remotely, you can mention it in your professional summary.
  • A neat, well-designed resume will keep the hiring manager reading the document whereas a cluttered one is likely to be put aside.
  • Your professional summary should always be tailored to the position you want to land.
  • You may still be asked whether your role was remote or in-office during an interview.
  • To be perfectly clear about the status of your remote work, you can list both your location and the location of your company.

Beyond your resume, you can naturally add skills and experiences of working remotely onto your LinkedIn profile and in a cover letter. The more you can hint and align with the remote job in different mediums, the better chance you have snagging an interview. Your resume signals to hiring managers the skills you have for a given role. But it’s also a great way to show off your experiences working remotely too.

Only List Matching Job Titles

Strong collaborators could talk about using shared documents and daily check-ins to accomplish company goals while working off-site. Even if you don’t have remote work experience, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have valuable skills to offer to a remote company. Detail-oriented and results-driven content writer with six years of experience in digital content writing while working remotely.

In this scenario, focus on highlighting the key transferable skills required for remote working, which, as we mentioned at the start, are typically required for any job. If you have work-from-home work experience, employers want to know! Here we’ll show you how to highlight your skills that are needed to be successful in a remote job. This Digital Marketing Manager demonstrates his remote work capabilities with examples of his work. They know how to manage their time remotely and have experience collaborating and communicating with remote teams. They show that they are adaptable in changing and critical situations and can do their work expectantly.

List both your location and the location of your office

In some job descriptions, software proficiency isn’t something that’s nice to have. Not everyone is as skilled or efficient as others in a remote environment. However, this step can be skipped if you’re expected to work in a hybrid or fully remote setting.

  • However, try not to be this vague if your target job is centered on working remotely.
  • Browsing job boards that advertise remote and flexible opportunities only will save your time as you don’t have to set the filters and weed out the full-time openings.
  • It might take hours of edits and research to make sure it’s perfect.
  • If you haven’t updated your resume for remote jobs yet, it’s time to think about it.
  • Even if none of the above apply to you, it’s helpful to know how to write a remote work resume to speed up your job search.
  • Another place to show your remote working exposure is in the experience section, where you typically add the location of your previous employers before explaining your work history.

Including it in your resume will present more advantages than risks. Deel helps connect the best workers with the best talent worldwide. Whether you’re a direct employee, EOR employee, or independent contractor, we make working from wherever easy. If you secure an interview, don’t be afraid to express your passion for remote working. Including a link to your up-to-date LinkedIn profile underneath your email address is an excellent way for hiring teams to gain a more comprehensive look at your background. Drop your resume here or upload a file to find out if the skills in your resume are readable by an ATS.

Advanced Remote Search Filters

Let alone the fact that listing tech and soft skills specific to working from home will give you more chances of getting noticed. Today’s article from creative writers resume will show you how to list remote experience on a resume and where is the best place to do it. If you are interested in how to make a resume with no experience at all, feel free to visit this article page. Did you have extensive history of teleworking but held different positions? Consider creating the section “Remote experience” in a resume and list all remote jobs there.

how to indicate remote work on resume

On the other hand, if the remote work experience is not relevant, you can include it in your overall work history but you do not have to go into detail. If you do, it may detract the recruiter from the more critical bits of information. If your how to list remote work on resume remote work experience is relevant to the requirements of the job you are applying for, you should highlight them. In this content series, we share articles, templates, and guides to help job seekers and new hires navigate the world of work.

If you’re not sure what skills are relevant to the remote job you’re applying for, search for the job using the tool below and it’ll give you a list of skills required for that position. The tool also gives you the option to add your resume — it’ll perform a quick scan and tell you what skills are missing. Your summary of qualifications goes at the top of your resume and is the very first thing a hiring manager will see. Typically done in a bullet point format, a qualifications summary provides a brief overview of your professional experience, as it relates to the job you’re applying for.

how to indicate remote work on resume

On the other hand, it should be easy to understand for someone outside your line of career. To strike balance between the two, use plain professional language, no abbreviations and slang, and rely on strong action verbs. As the work landscape evolves, the rise in remote work opportunities has undoubtedly caught the attention of many job seekers. As a matter of fact, according to a survey conducted by, 84% of those asked answered the top factor they use to evaluate job opportunities is remote work. Failing to tailor your resume or CV according to each role can mean missed opportunities. Show these skills in the context of your remote work setting when you are updating your resume.

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